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2 El Amerikeya Towers, El Hosary Sq , Central Spine, 6th Of October, Giza

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اطلانتس ريستوران اند كافيه

Atlantis Restaurant and Cafe

Juhaina Sq , Inside Mall Of Arabia, Gate 2, Opp The Dancing Fountain, 6th Of October, Giza

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Engineers: 6 Abdel Moneim guaranteed Street, Off Ahmed Orabi Street

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المنوفى الكبابجى

El Menoufy El Kababgy

1 Mohamed Ahmed St Off El Malek Faisal St , In Front Of Mahgoub For Trade and Import, Faisal, Giza

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برجر كينج

Burger King

Burger King - Tenth District - October 6 Mall Cityscape, the field for help

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